Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New year goodness... iMix Jan10

Here's a new release on the mix horizon. It's been awhile I know, but here it is in all it's lovely glory.

My original mix order is thus:
1. Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson: I don't know what to do
Though her voice is heavily processed, I'm still loving retro chanteuse quality of it.
2. Twighlight Sad: I became a prostitute
Fantastic and noisy goodness.
3. The Sunshine Underground: Standby for nothing.
Great new uk indie
4. The Big Pink: Velvet
5. Mew: New Terrain
6. Muse: Undisclosed Desires
7. Martin Gore: Gone
An old cover from the Depeche Mode songwriter of his first solo album. I've always loved it.
8. Weezer: Girl got hot
Man those weezie boys know how to throw down a pop party gem!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

2010 Anticipation: Alt/Indie mix - courtesy of Rhapsody

a tiny glimpse of most anticipated alt/indie albums set to release during the first quarter of 2010. Enjoy!

1. Got Nuffin - Spoon
2. Ambling Alp - Yeasayer
3. The High Road - Broken Bells
4. Heaven Can Wait - Charlotte Gainsbourg
5. One Life Stand - Hot Chip
6. Psyche (Flash Treatment) - Massive Attack
7. Grain of Salt - The Morning Benders
8. There Are Listed Buildings - Los Campesinos!
9. Swim - Oh No Ono
10. In The Dark - The Whigs
11. Swim Until You Can't See Land - Frightened Rabbit
12. Cousins - Vampire Weekend"