Friday, March 14, 2008

Wherein I demonstrate how much of an NPR nerd I am

I was at the gym last Saturday morning and was listening to NPR as I usually do. Suddenly, they started playing "Save it for a rainy day" by The Jayhawks.

This particular song is one of those songs that I have a very visceral reaction to. The first time I heard it was sitting in a fancy San Francisco hotel with a good friend on a foggy July evening. Every time I hear any song from "Rainy Day Music" it takes me back to that night.

As it turned out, The Jayhawks had not returned, but Gary Louris (one of the founding members of The Jayhawks) has come out with a solo album. The NPR interview with him was kind of boring and beige - except for when he started singing. His songs have the same mix of alt-country/rock that The Jayhawks did and his voice is mellow and soothing.
I've only listened to the whole album (titled "Vagabonds") once all the way through but as of this moment some of my favorite songs are:

True Blue
To Die a Happy Man
Black Grass
DC Blues
I hope you'll take a listen - enjoy!!

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