Thursday, December 30, 2010

End of year Shenanigans

XM radio has been good to me this year. Helping me stay mildly in the loop while daddyhood takes center stage. I've run into some truly great gems this year and i'm thankful for it. I could have made this mix significantly longer, but never like a too long mix.

Here's the original order.

Weezer: Prettiest Girl in the whole wide world. - Rivers can always write a meaty hooky song. I just want to sing along.
Tennis: Marathon. I found a new love in this retro 60's chanteuse goodness. I love this song. It makes me long for old record players and static-ey speakers.
Best Coast: When I'm with you. This video is totally nuts and this is actually an 09 single, but I love the Lazy summertime California feel of this.
Foster the People: Pumped up kicks. Still has that vocal in a tin can quality that producers are into these days, but I also love it. Just pop goodness that make me want to go to an mod dance party.
Diamond Rings: All Yr Songs. Sometimes all you need is a drum machine and a guitar. Hypnotic dance pop with it's playful sing song uh oh ohhhhsss. Another 09 single.
Metric: Black Sheep. Despite the fabulous goodness of their Fantasies release this year, this gem off the weird Scott Pilgrim soundtrack is Emily Haines in fine form.
White Lies: To lose my life. I understand the urgency of this wrapped in a delightful gothy wrapper. Now where are my creepers?
Matt & Kimm: Cameras. Hipsters in New York doing their electro pop damndest to stay on my radar and succeeding. I love all this whirring and chirping.
Arcade Fire: Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains): Slow gallop of a song that cheers on the suburbs! Hooray stripmalls ;) I'm just glad I can be along for the ride.
Crooked Fingers: I am not Willing. Rolling piano verse drives along Eric Bachman's smokey voice on this afternoon drive of a song.

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