Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Winter Thoughts.


A couple of things. Firstly, The Delays have released a new EP called "Love Made Visible". This EP crushes the software slump that their second album (You See Colours) was in many ways. Although carrying a few notable gems, as a whole the album was a let down. The new EP picks up where You See Colours could not. Brilliant songs like the title Track "love made visible" with it's squishy space sound intro, trademark falsetto vocal line and punchy energy AND the simply splendid thoughtful build up of "Slow Burn" make me long for a live show. I love it. I love songs like this.

Secondly, Foo. We love Foo. More specifically, Dave Grohl has somehow managed another irreverant and fantastic video concoction for "Long Road to Ruin". Sonically similar to their very accessible "learn to fly", the video itself just makes me want to get in the fanboy line. See for yourself here:

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Kristin said...

Thank God for them because without them, the world would be overrun with Foo. The Foo Fighters.