Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Today, I recognize that I never write on this grand hope of a blog. Dadhood has challenged my ability to keep on top of any music, much less new music. Thus, I'm going to scale back my grand plans and simply drop notes about songs I may be enjoying at present. With this new found humbling of my intent for this blog, I will now briefly discuss or at least list 3 fantastic songs I've come across.

1. Reindeer Section: Cold water. You can find this at I haven't listened much to Reindeer Section but if all of their songs sound like this, I'd like a complete shower full of "cold water" songs please.

2. The Dears. I know I've missed this bandwagon, but 2 old standouts just hit my radar. Yes my friends, gorgeous songs indeed. I also noted that for an instant I caught a vague hint of morrissey's voice in this gentlemen's pipes. A delight.
- Lost in the Plot.
- You and I are a gang of losers.

3. Ladyhawk - The Dugout. Bitchin Camaro indie guitar rock song. Sort of wanks on at the end but a grand little pop indie diddy.

Note that I do not endorse any of the muxtapes I've listed beyond being a source for the songs recognized above. Also note that these muxtapes may change or vanish at some point so grab a listen while the getting's good!

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