Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Airy iMix April 09

Today's mix turned into a more significant challenge than I expected. I've always loved the song Battersea by Hooverphonic and wanted to build a mix around it. I found the first few songs easily and knew they'd fit my mix. These included Geneva's Tranquilizer and Wanderlust by Delays. But soon thereafter it became significantly more difficult to find that same sort of feel that the original songs had. I was looking for songs with a light airy feel, orchestral perhaps and hopefully with a soaring upper octave range vocal. I didn't meet it for every song, but I like the end product. The mix comes off like a post britpop hangover with many of these songs filling a late 90's early millenium pocket of time.

Hooverphonic: Battersea
Geneva: Tranquilizer
Delays: Wanderlust
Cocteau Twins: Iceblink Luck
Radiohead: Let Down
Badly Drawn Boy: Silent Sigh
Haven: Til the End
Puressence: Heart of Gold
Blur: The Universal

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